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YFriday, April 23, 2010' 1:02 PM

18th Apr 2010
21st birthday at chalet.

Stuff bought for bbq.


YMonday, January 4, 2010' 9:09 PM

4th Jan 2010

Almost a month since i last blog. This shows how lazy i am. haha

Today is my first day to my station. It was suppose to be jurong island fire station but they changed me to banyan fire station. Its new but furthur from jurong island fire station. I dont really like that station as the area around the station is nothing but grass and roads. DAMN.

I chose rota one and i will officially start work on coming wed. I hope i will get good rota mates as i'm gonna spent 20 more months there!! Work 24 hours rest 48 hours. Sounds nice rit. lol

Ok here is some photos i took with my rota mates during training. Miss the training days a lot a lot.

Hassan and Firdaus

Me, Edmund, Steve and Irwin

Dad and Mum


Kristle : Never go MS for very long time already.

YSunday, November 1, 2009' 2:14 PM

08 Nov 2009

1 month of fire fighter course training has pass, 2 more months to pop. Some people thought i cant make it but i did. Some people thought i will find excuse to take light duty but i didn't. The harder part of training is coming soon which is wearing BA set while doing all the drills.

Booking in soon..haii.

YSunday, October 25, 2009' 1:03 AM

24th Oct 2009

Most of my weekends is so boring. Who can bring some light to my friday night and weekends?

Went out with Seok Teng for dinner and play L4D at some lan shop there. The lan shop charge like 1 dollar per hour? super cheap. lol

On my way while taking mrt to dhoby ghaut, my eyes was watery because i was thinking that my parents often nag me when i book out but they still treat me very nice and this makes me so touch. Must cherish before its too late and regret.

Next thing I felt like I am losing friends and left with friends which i can count use 1 hand which is like less than 5? haii

2 weeks of fire fighter course has pass and its a very tough course. Lost 4 kg within 2 weeks. I skipped most of my meals as i don't have the appetite. I want to be low profile and POP but i dunno why more and more people knows me, even a stranger suddenly said my name and ask my things. My instructors keep saying i'm the best trainee. I did my SOC and a lot people know me as i cant complete a station and keep retrying. I injured recently and my lips is thick as i put gauze inside to stop bleeding and this catches more attention.

All the best to me. Hope i can pass the fire fighter course smoothly. 10 more weeks to pop or rather 9 as the last week was nothing much. lol

Should i continue to wear hat or not? Tag me to tell me the answer.


YiLeen: My mum says i look better with it and u say its better without it.

YSunday, October 4, 2009' 5:34 PM

04 Oct 2009
South view pri school friends outing! First outing after 8 years. haha

Group photo.

Alia and me.

YiLeen: I like dogs! Ur dog really not cute leh, and not cute doesnt mean dont like. lol. =)

YMonday, September 21, 2009' 8:17 PM

19 sept 2009

Last min went to drink with Wei liang, Cheng Boon and Alvin at Bangkok thai. We went there from 12+ till near 2am and there is only a few. So weird, sat nite and there is not much people. So we went Neverland after that, its so packed there and we nearly cant find a table. After that we went jab1, i was damn tired and slept there till its closing. lol
Boon, me and Alvin. Wei liang always dont wan to take photo. zzz


YFriday, September 11, 2009' 7:36 PM

11 Sep 2009

First book out and i don't feel that happy, maybe just 4 days? Haha

First week of NS is like chalet, nothing much. Medical check ups and a lot of talks. Compare to scout days during secondary, this is so much better. HAHA

Got 2 guys in my platoon dont understand english as one is from china and one is from Malaysia and they have a lot trouble in foot drill. Dragging us down.

Damn the food in there, so much nicer than my mum cook one. LOL

Just 3 more weeks and my PTP( physical training phase) will be over. Hope i can get into dog handler there as i like dog a lot. =)


YTuesday, September 8, 2009' 2:10 AM

08 September 2009

Last day of civilian life before going NS. Yi Leen brought me to this Thai disco.


YMonday, September 7, 2009' 4:38 AM

05 sept 2009

Ohh, finally got the mood to blog. Its monday now, which means tmr i will be enlisted. I dont feel sian at all and im excited to see myself in botak. LOL My face is so round, think its gonna be rounder after cutting botak.

Went to drink at boat quay with poly and sec friends. First was nemo then qd bar and last one was millions. Damn high. LOL Vomited at millions but i control myself and go toilet to vomit.

Drink till near 6am and took cab home. This time i never vomit till i reach home. Vomited all over the floor at the ground floor.

06 sept 2009

Woke up at 2pm and once again, family day. Haha

Dota with ah ming and xiao jiu. Damnn, play with them is 95 percent lose one. LOL

Mahjong awhile after that. 三姨 cook some food and bring over for me. So nice huh? lol

My family came over too.

Its monday now and im going to NS in less than 18 hours. =)))))


YMonday, August 17, 2009' 2:11 PM

15th Aug 2009

Today went msia with my parents, uncle chuan and wei liang.

Mum, dad and uncle chuan



HuiHui: I will nvr dye tt colour for luck. lol I lost a lot cuz the clock behind me tt day was slanted.

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